Strategic session with a professional moderator will allow you to:
  • Create a common information space

  • Involve the participants in the process of finding and making decisions

  • Determine goals of the project, ways and formats of work

  • Get new ideas

  • Find solutions

  • Define the risks

  • See and/or show limitations

  • Uncover the roles of the participants

  • Get the big picture

  • Learn the team's opinion without long questionnaires

  • Give the team a chance to see their common opinion

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What is it: managing discussion or the process of finding solution with elements of coaching: the trainer acts as a team leader

Facilitation can be a tool of a strategic session or a separate event, depending on the goals


Number of participants: up to 20

Length: 1-4 hours

Cost: from 40,000 RUB

What is it: one- or two-day event aimed at creating a concept of the strategy

Number of participants: up to 12

Length: 1-2 days and more

Cost: from 80,000 RUB per day

Strategic session
Dmitry Tarasov  has been moderating strategic sessions since 2004 in the following companies:
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