Lyudmila Khomyakova makes accessoires and clothes for yoga. We calculated the efficiency of this useful startup for her: Now we have a bolster of our corporate color!



Lyudmila has been immersed in yoga for over 10 years. She's an experienced and energetic teacher. Iyengar method, used by Lyudmila, is aimed at performing an asana correctly. That's why she uses additional props during her lessons and home practice. They make poses deeper, help unfold stiff parts of the body and generally teach you a lot of things.



Probably due to this reason, props, designed and developed in the RIMYI yoga institute, founded by Shri B.K.S. Iyengar have become popular in many other sections of yoga.

Beautiful and talented Sonya Marchand has found herself in filmmaking. She makes films about the things that you do. She shoots and edits videos about travel, events, books written, dreams - everything that's important for you. Her scripts are precise and not boring at all. Editing is light-weight and natural. Videos made by Sonya are clear, whole and emotionally balanced. Here's one of them:

We have done a financial model for her business - STA Marchand production. We really liked it, and she says she did too, especially the fact that you can change parameters and see how profit and movement of money change.

Alexei Sitnikov's (алексей-ситников-113192a7) startup is our favorite one. Only our own project, made through Aleksei's franchise, can beat it. It's about trash recycling: Alexei recycles used electronics.


To do this, he himself (!) created a machine that allows to save even stannum, that is ommitted with all the other technologies. In fact, only kinescopes can't be divided into parts and recycled, as there are too many layers and different parts.

For Alexei, we developed a parametric model of evaluating his business. According to Alexei, it allowed him to completely reimagine the whole chain of creating value and focus on the main things. And the opportunity to play with parameters allowed to simulate the future of this incredibly cool startup from Novosibirsk.

Since 2014, Start up & develop has been calculating efficiency of different projects for the great Food Union company.


Food Union or FUN, as they call themselves, is a big player on the dairy market and a real business lab that's constantly developing new ideas and successfully launches them in Russia, Europe and even China.


Building plants, co-productions, launch of new products, elastic logistic decisions, optimal models of price determination were the subject of our calculations.

We enjoy working with the leaders of FUN projects: their strictness makes every evaluation great.

This year, Start up & develop launched two new directions: business games and moderation. The first (and quite successful) experience of a strategic session took place this summer. Dmitry Tarasov ran it for a new project of Ruselprom - Safonovsky Electric Plant Concern.


For a giant like the Ruselprom Concern, launching a new business direction holds special nuances. One one hand, resources and experience are plenty. On the other, shaping a new segment or entering a competitive environment always requires an effective strategy.


This is exactly where Dmitry helped Ruselprom. He ran a strategic session with facilitation, brainstorming series, moderation of a discussion with mind mappng that sums everything up and constructive feedback. The participants acquired a common field of information and notions, worked out key decisions of market entry strategies, got the big picture and determined their next steps.

Three years. Fifteen programs.


Strategic sessions and workshops.


Eight simulation business games.


Topics: managing value, negotiations, communications, project management, self-efficiency management, finance for people without financial background, goal management, DISC model, conflict management.


Here's a part of feedback by Kemira Khim CEO: "We should note that every part of the program was thoroughly prepared/corrected by Dmitry, considering:


- Specifics of paper-segment business and Russian market

- Individual level of preparation of each employee and their personal achievements at every stage of learning

- Getting feedback from the management and employees


The first year of training led to a breakthrough in volume and profitability of sales, rising level of employees' confidence in conducting talks with B2B clients and in developing strategy and planning sales.

According to almost all colleagues from the paper segment, including a few foreign employees, Dmitry is one of the best business coaches for Kemira Khim over the past years."

In 2015 and 2016, S&D team ran two waves of workshops in communications and public speeches and practical application of DISC model for over 100 participants.

In order to boost the efficiency of training, before running the DISC workshop, we developed and launched offline diagnostics.

Since 2013, S&D together with Awara Eduhouse Training has been conducting workshops for clients of AWARA GROUP (see the logos of clients to the right ->)


Here's a part of the CEO's feedback:

"Dmitry Tarasov was our principal partner in joint projects from the S&D's side. He has acted as an experienced coach with deep business expertise.


We are satisfied with cooperation with S&D and are ready to recommend this company as a reliable and responsible partner.

Dom Dobra (House of Good) project deals with collections, sales, expositions, repair and restoration of retro gadgets. And with feasting eyes on it, as well.


Retro cameras, radios, stereos, tape recorders, TVs, suitcases, bicycles.

The project was actively functioning in 2013-2015. We worked with "Your shelf" in Artplay and Tsvetnoy design and fashion centers. We rented our 1973 Volkswagen Käfer cars in red and silver to filmmakers. We also rented a few particularly valuable retro-stereos and radios to designers of loft interiors.


Currently, we provide information support to the project. Read more here.

A large B2B project of 2013-2015. The British company is a leader of sat nav systems on the British insurance market.


S&D represented navmii's commercial interests in Russia and the CIS.


Read more here.

Joint project with IQ'BUZZ and YouScan companies.

Our first project, launched in the spring of 2013 with  SKYLEX, Kelly Services, Bosch (communications), Verboconnect companies, as well as EU contact centers CloudAgent and Prima Contato.


Read more here and here:

Since September 2017, Start up & develop has been part of the Corporate University of EUROWINE company – a big exporter of wines from France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Chile, South Africa.

Eurowine has a professional aproach to building a team. They picked trainees and sent them to study in their corporate university for a few months. Students receive allowance and study 6-8 hours a day. Only the best ones stay in the university after the testing.

S&D team has developed and runs a series of management training sessions and business games devoted to communication, talks, DISC model, conflict management, presentation, business etiquette skills and Excel basics.