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Alexandra Isaenko, S&D founder

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Parametric model in a handy format, including:

  • Planning revenues and costs

  • Setting forecast period

  • Profit and loss statement

  • Cash flow planning

  • Calculating turnover and ROE of working capital

  • Determining length of operation and cash cycles

  • Assessment and digitalization of risk

  • Evaluating the project: discounting cash flows, calculating key indicators of ROI and efficiency

  • Developing a business plan: calculation + description + presentation

What is included in the calculation?

Individual finance training 

Answering your questions throughout the process

What is  NPV?


Why do we have a profit but no cash?

How do I assess risk?

At what price will I be able to sell my startup?

How to start the project?

How do I calculate estimated revenues?

What Affects Costs?

Income and expenses of the project

Profit and loss statement


Evaluation through discounting


Models of calculating revenues/costs 






Developing a business plan




Depth of

Degree of detalization

Complexity of

Our story
S&D's Experience

Since we started working for ourselves in 2013, we evaluated many projects.

  • Women's clothing online store

  • Offline shop of youth’s clothing

  • Bakery

  • Bread factory

  • Milk processing plant

  • Network of waste sorting points

  • Real estate portal

  • Yoga center

  • Chain of hotels

  • Training company

  • Farm enterprise

  • Repair shop


In 1996-2013, we worked in corporations. 

Here are some of the projects we ran: 

  • Dealer network of women's clothing stores

  • A federal Russian banking chain

  • Launch of training and sales development department

  • Launch of financial department's training section

  • Opening foreign offices of financial organizations 

  • Launching new model of new financial organization

  • Merger&acquisition of telecom businesses

  • Implementation of SAP, CRM, voice technologies

  • PR management

  • Development and implementation of technologies and procedures

  • Implementation of investment management rule books

Who created S&D?

Alexandra Isaenko

project evaluation/developing rule books/trainings



Dmitry Tarasov
development of business processes/launching projects/
running trainings


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