"Concrete mixer" business game 

Business simulation game with far-reaching multi-user scenario and tactile sensations.

We are in a place called New Cairo. A PYRAMID is soon to be built in a national park close to a major highway. The PYRAMID’s project was recreated from the ancient manuscripts found during the exploration the pyramids.

The choice of site is not accidental — looks like it had one of the structures of the ancient World Pyramid Belt. UNESCO funds and protects the project.


It was already declared a world heritage site. The exact spot is located near a lake in the forest, on the territory of the national park.


Storylines cross, dipping the participants in a circle of interactions.

High level of group dynamics

Adaptability: 7-50 participants


Negotiation, project management, finance management, relationship management & communication skilss management practice.

To define team strengths and weaknesses.


Several roles: from ecologist to UNESCO.

A few rounds: negotiations, cash flow, news, changes.

The playing field, real (compact) special equipment & building materials, live stream, press conference and more.

Duration: 4-6 hours

it's FUN!


"Negotiator" business game

Parties have to reach a win/win deal under pressure from external factors. 

The situation is changing every round. Collecting and analyzing data is a crucial process in the game.

In the course of the game, participants get a ready-to-use tool called «negotiating platform». It allows to analyze clients by a number of parameters, making a deal more likely.


Negotiation skills & negotitation platform practice.



Suppliers of point-of-sale machines negotiate the conditions of expanding the business with an existing client. Things can’t run smoothly because of production problems. The delivery is possible only six months later.


Deep & dynamic game

Adaptability: 8-24 participants

Duration: 6-8 hours


Healthy competition 

Adaptability: 8-24 participants

"Football club" business game

Multi-factor game with blocs of theory and analytics.


Football clubs negotiate a deal to buy a legionnaire (foreign player), interacting with his agents. Both sides have their secrets. The world is subject to change, and the market conditions alter every round.

The contract is possible. The question is your negotiation skills.

You’ll get a clear idea of how to succeed depending on your negotiation partner’s DISC type.


Plot: based on a real case. In-game elements make the content easier to perceive and the theory easier to learn.


Negotiations skills practice

DISC model practice


Multi-factors game with several rounds of negotiations, blocks of theory and analytics, wallcharts with score

Duration: 6-8 hours



Assessment & follow-up tool

Adaptability: 1 & more participants

Duration: 1-2 hours

Off-line gamificated test «Vinyl»

An ironic tale about the life of a sales manager. He is trying to find a solution for a client through undesired market conditions, manipulations of partners and his own pride.


The story consists of three blocks. Each one ends with serious questions on the issue.

You can complete the game in a couple of hours with a cup of coffee. You don’t need a computer — it’s possible to play in print.


Vinyl is an ideal as a follow-up to S&D Negotiation Skills course, or a test of your basic negotiating skills.


Off-line test with funny plot and key negotiation techniques. 


As th follow-up after the "Negotitation skills training" or as an assessment tool before.

Test & game


Thoughtfully about business processes

Adaptability: 7-50 participants

Duration: 2-4 hours

Business game "Version"

As management technologies advance, the issue of motivation and interests the stakeholders of business processes have gets bigger. Business roles that we pick and that pick us are a link in the greater management chain.

Motivation is the reason why business processes have a particular pattern every time. Goal-setting, procedures, project offices — all of this leads to results. But at the same time, the fight for resources and conflicting interests could affect the essense and the size of a goal, as well as the time required to achieve it.


That's the recipe for everyone to win: collect feathers in your own cap, contribute to achievements of your department, and get a bonus for the performance of the whole company. You have to see the big picture to avoid becoming a victim and maintain the balance of interests. This is what the “Version” is about.


To buid effective & efficient business process.

Resources evaluation.


During the game, teams lay out cards based on clear rules and multi-level motivation system. The game has a huge number of outcomes. It’s meditative, analytical and calm on the outside, but quite dynamic for the mind.



Dynamic & usable game day

Adaptability: 8-50 participants

Interactive day «Communicator»

The essence of the two-day training “Communication skills”, redesigned as a quest. Learn the ropes of effective communication and basic communication. 

The «Communicator» interactive day allows to get familiar with the principles of effective communications and basic communication models while playing.

In brief, it answers the question: how to achieve result and maintain good relations.


Get result & safe relationship.

Duration: 3-8 hours

Easy & useful ;-) 




​Structure of the quest allows you to predict the next step to the four-ear communications model. You-statements become I-statements, and Iceberg model opens up the Johari window. In the end, constructive feedback solves everything.


But all we need is constructive feedback.



We run this business game after the Projet Calculation training. It's designed for the players to learn basic growth metrics, such as NPV, IRR, ROI and PP.

Business game «Investment project»

The game is designed under the principles of scenario modelling. But instead of expert assessments and forecasts, the events are shaped by random occasions.

In the beginning, the teams are in the same conditions. Rolling the dice, they face realistic circumstances that change the project. The game gives a clear answer to the question what is the cost of all those delays and deviations of course.


Sometimes, a project that looked just right on paper turns out to be ineffective after a seemingly harmless change of plans. Sometimes, it’s the opposite. The game tells about the connection between people, communications, document flow, actions and numbers.

Financial business game

Adaptability: 3-20 participants

Duration: 2-4 hours



We run the game with a ready-made Excel financial model, a field of options and dice, all governed by His Majesty Chance and the most common situations of the project management workflow.


A business simulation game, based on Dennis L. Meadows's legendary «Fish Banks» game. Complex math models meet simple human passions. But there’s always more factors.


This is a team game with various roles that includes finance, tough competition, random factors, firm rules and a little bit of turmoil. 


It makes the players focus on searching for a Win-Win solution in a game beyond the scope of day-to-day business.

Business game «Fish & Crabs»


The game is designed after the world-famous «Fish Banks» simulation, used for years to train various specialists and managers. 


This is a step over the narrow bounds of understanding how your company works. You’ll have to look wider than usual in order for all players to emerge winners. Think globally, act locally.


The game pushes the players to narrow down their area of responsibility, which could result in a catastrophe for everyone. In the end, the real success of all teams depends on the ability to take on responsibility for the overall result and think one step ahead.


Simulation business game

Adaptability: 8-28 participants

Duration: 1,5-3 hours