We take your risks into account


Startup or investment projects, reports and rules always have to do with uncovering sensitive information about your business and finance. We’ve thought about these risks.

Any agreement you sign with us will have a confidentiality clause. Also, we design models of calculating project costs so that you could use it without our participation, changing any parameters.

S&D is a partner for those launching a business or building up a new area:

We teach (business games, trainings & coaching) to develop and motivate employees, launch and improve business and introduce changes.

We create evalutions, economic models of launching a new business or direction, and scenarios of its middle-term and long-term development.

We develop procedures and rules, as well as maps and schemes of business processes.

We do evaluations business processes engeneering, changes implementation, business games & trainings.

#4 STARTUP: Dom Dobra

Selling and repairing retro equipment 

#3 STARTUP: Navmii to Russia!

Bringing solutions of Navmii navigation system to Russia


Monitoring social media

#1 STARTUP: CALL CENTER BROKERСreating contact centers
One-box solutions
Performance audit
Voice recognition/synthesis
SaaS hosting/CRM                      


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