Dom Dobra


I had a radio set when I was a kid. It had buttons and switches. You could press on them and turn them and the receiver would make weird sounds. There was a wave with Morse code sounds. And I wanted to have my own receiver. I also really, really liked listening to vinyl records. They had fairy tale recordings. I just didn't get, how all of them -- the wolf, the rabbit, and everyone else -- fitted into this tiny record player. 

I grew up and started to want a camera. It was also creating a fairytale. My first dream photo camera had nothing in common with what is considered a photo camera now. But, just to mention, it never appeared in my life. There were others. I shot miles, endless miles of film. Maybe that's why I started to collect old cameras. That would be okay, but I started to collect old radios, as well. Then I filled my living space with players and tape recorders. And now I have a lot of them. An insane amount.
In order to listen to Morse code, I needed one retro receiver, one retro player for vinyl discs and another retro tape recorder for audiotape. I shoot only with two retro cameras, and I have three more just for appearance. And all the rest has started to baffle in my living, breathing, loving. I'm parting ways with a part of my collections. If you like an item, tell me the price, and I'm likely to be happy with it.

I created this website to get rid from excessive things in my life. Think if you need it. If you can do without retro stuff in your house, treat this website as an art project.